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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is conducted between a therapist and patient to encourage change or enhance quality of life. People may turn to therapy for assistance with mental health problems or for issues that are difficult to handle alone.

Purpose of individual psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy investigates how the patient’s personality responds to conflicts and defenses. The therapist helps in resolving issues by assisting you in gradually altering your thoughts and increases your awareness in how beliefs and feelings are connected to behaviors. Other therapies may be combined to help in treating emotional, mental, physical, and behavioral issues. The aim is to promote positive feelings, productive actions, and work on resolving symptoms that interfere with everyday life.

Several weeks of brief therapy can be used to resolve some issues. However, chronic or more complicated issues might need ongoing care. For noticeable development to be accomplished, it can occasionally take longer than a year. Even if treatment is unable to cure a problem, it can aid in the development of positive coping mechanisms.

psychologist in the office working on the mental health of the patient

Benefits of individual therapy

Identifying underlying causes of symptoms & managing them

Individual therapy gives you a safe space to explore your thoughts and emotional triggers that cause adverse symptoms. Recognizing your responses and outcomes can help you better manage and control your condition and related symptoms.

Providing coping strategies & facilitating lifestyle changes

Coping mechanisms include anything that gets you through challenging situations. Therapists are educated and trained to support the innate coping mechanisms that exist in everyone, and they will help you make positive changes in your life that are constructive.

Gaining a better understanding of yourself

By enhancing self-awareness, you can identify cognitive patterns and emotions that trigger undesirable actions. The opportunity for deep introspection can reveal deep-seated thoughts and fears and shift negative thinking.

Rudoy Medical's advantages and experience in individual therapy

With a team of diverse skills and abilities, Rudoy Medical can match you with a clinician who is most suited to your needs. We provide individual therapy sessions online or in-person and individual counseling psychotherapy to those with mild, moderate, or severe mental health disorders, and for helping people develop coping mechanisms to navigate difficult life situations.

  • Board Certified and highly experienced providers
  • Individual approach to patients
  • Easy-to-access online psychiatry and psychotherapy services
  • Electronic prescriptions
  • Portal access to your providers and appointments

What clients said about us

I really like this therapist. He is intelligent, kind and quick.
Patty Gloo
Patty Gloo
15 June 2023
Dr. Mitchell is a great practitioner, listener, and person. Rudoy medical services keep my appointments in check and their telehealth platform has been simple to use. Much appreciated
Alyssa Luning
Alyssa Luning
13 June 2023
Hope is the best. She is caring and doesn’t rush you. She is very thorough. Love her.
joy romeo
joy romeo
9 June 2023
Desde hace ańos la única molestia que tuve con Rudoy es que se me fue mi primera Doctora. A veces no es bueno pegarse mucho de las personas. Ya no quería otro Doctor. Unos meses después decidí volver y estoy igual que con mi 1ra Doctora, feliz y satisfecha. También me gusta la televisitas que ellos tienen disponible, en otra palabra a remoto, videos llamadas o audio llamadas. Ellos son rápidos y flexibles en tu horario de preferencia, para hacer o rehacer una cita son bien rápidos y eficientes. Ellos son bien profesionales y respetuosos en todo momentos. Grandemente recomiendo Rudoy. For so many years the only complain I had with Rudoy was that my first Doctor was gone. Sometimes isn’t good to get to attach to others. I refused to accept any other Doctors. But few months later I decided to come back try, I did get a great Doctor and I feel as much happy and stable and satisfied as before. I like the televisits, video calls or audio calls they have available. They are prompt to schedule or reschedule an appointment, they are very professional and respectful at all times. Highly recommend Rudoy Medical.
Mrs. Toribio
Mrs. Toribio
8 June 2023
They always have availability for me I adore that
Lia Brown
Lia Brown
7 June 2023
I had a great experience on my 1st appt with the psychiatrist Stacey Mitchell, she was comfortable to talk to and she was very professional and seemed interested in knowing why I was seeking your Dr's. I am pleased to have found your offices and your Drs.. I would definitely recommend Stacey and the group of professionals that work for Rudoy medical.
Lupe Hernandez
Lupe Hernandez
6 June 2023
Amazing staff ! Love my therapist Chris Tarello and Dr.Goba . They are both very caring and are always there when you need them. I’ve never had such a kind and motivational therapist and Dr. before !! They didn’t give up on me and are always there when you need them.
Jennifer Fulgieri
Jennifer Fulgieri
2 June 2023
Love it
Melanie B
Melanie B
1 June 2023

Meet our psychotherapists

Rudoy’s Medical multidisciplinary team fosters individual development, improves wellbeing, and nurtures genuine connections through individual therapy services. We employ evidence-based techniques from a variety of psychological modalities to assist patients in overcoming a variety of difficulties.

Every patient has a unique, customized treatment approach and we work with you to make changes that will improve and energize your life while minimizing the impact that certain issues have on your overall well-being.

FAQs about Individual Psychotherapy

What to expect from individual psychotherapy?

Individual psychotherapy is a structured process that starts with introductions and progresses to intense discussions that help you explore your experiences and talk about the problems you face. Your therapist develops solutions to alleviate symptoms and enhance your quality of life.

Can individual therapy harm a marriage?

No. Individual therapy can effectively treat disorders that negatively impact your relationships while helping you to rediscover who you are.  If you are having marital issues, couples therapy will be beneficial in treating both partners together and with occasional individual therapy sessions for one or both spouses.

Why is individual therapy important?

Making efforts to enhance your mental health is a show of strength. Individual therapy creates a space to really explore your emotions, get to know yourself better, develop goals, minimize distress, and get the most from life.

How to prepare for your first individual therapy session?

It is helpful to establish what you want from therapy and note down personal goals or specific issues. If you are unsure of what information to share, simply relax and the therapist will gently guide you through the session.

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